Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4 days to go!

And I'm reminiscing how time flew so fast.  Mia is so big now!  Since this baby in my tummy would be our last, can everything be in slow-mo, please?  Here's a video of Mia when she was 2 years old.  I wish we took more videos or maybe we should have just documented her life.


Mia: Cheese...
Candice: Mia, say hi to everyone.
Mia: Hi Everyone!
Candice: What's your deodorant?
Mia: Rexona.
Candice: What's your shampoo?
Mia: Vaseline.  (Lolo, yawning...)  Lolo's inside.
Candice: What's your toothpaste?
Mia: Close-Up.
Candice: O, you sing Shampoo dito.
*Mia sings Vaseline Jingle*
Candice: Say Happy Halloween to everyone.
Mia: Happy Birthday to everyone.
Candice: Happy Halloween!
Mia: Happy Halloween!
Candice: Flying kiss.
*Mia gives a flying kiss*
Candice: Ok, bye everyone!
Mia: Bye everyone!

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