Friday, July 5, 2013

I'll Be Back!

Things are unfolding. I'm excited. I promise to get back to blogging soon.

Watch out for this space. I can't wait to share what I have been up to.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2 months

And just like that our baby is two months old. I was telling Karl that I was relishing every single day because this is the last time we're having a baby. Next time I will probably get this feeling again is when my children have children and that will be a longggggg time from now.

Happy 2nd month Lily! It hasn't been smooth sailing all the way, it's barely been smooth at all! But always remember that mom, dad and achie love you by much.

Weight Check!

Actually, I don't even know how much I weigh. We have faulty weighing scales at home and the only way I can find out my weight is my monthly appointment with my OB/my daughter's pedia(they have the same clinic). Right now the basis for my losing weight is these pair of shorts I bought last summer. They're actually a size bigger than what I used to wear but I stopped wearing them come third trimester because I turned into a hippo.

After I gave birth, I tried on the pair but I couldn't even make them pass my thighs. Then I started wearing them unbuttoned. Today, I can button them but some fats are still spilling. Hehe. BUT at least they fit already!

Yesterday I kept on eating these chocolate covered macadamias. I can snack on these like there's no tomorrow. I ate like 7-8 pieces and every 2 has 180 calories. Don't do the math. I just rationalized that I was breastfeeding and breastfeeding can burn 20 calories per 1 oz of milk produced! Can you imagine that?

I'm still tired. I'm still pooped. So what's up with you?

Sharing is caring

I took a picture of all the milk I have frozen, just in case I never get the same amount in my freezer ever again. Yesterday I donated some of my breastmilk. I promised I would do this once my milk stabilized because early on I had to ask for milk for Lily due to bleeding nipples I had. Then during the Christmas break my milk lessened due to the parties and I couldn't pump religiously. I know how it feels like not being able to provide your own milk and it was such a crappy feeling.

Now I'm back to rebuilding my stash again. I'm due to go back to work soon hopefully I have enough milk to purely breastfeed until 6 months. Since Lily is going to be our last, I wouldn't mind pushing to breastfeed until a year. That would be great! Hoping for the best.