Saturday, July 9, 2011

May asim pa...

I was never the skinny type. My weight has been yoyoing since I don't even remember. I have been on a "diet" since I turned 12. When I turned 12, my mom had vintage things that she had when she was single that didn't fit me. I was just... BIG. (If you need proof, sooner or later, I'll blog about it.)

After ten thousand years, I became a mother. I lost all the pregnancy weight(+the weight I blamed on pregnancy but didn't get really because of that) thanks to breastfeeding but there was still that extra not so baby fat fat that was lying around. My friend (who turned out to be 2011 Spring/Summer TT Yogini awardee) who has been practicing yoga had been bugging me to try it out. I have never been a fan of "fad" exercises/sports because I always think that you don't need to socialize to lose weight and more importantly, you don't need to spend to lose weight.

So. Fine. I caved. November 2, 2009, I went to Sundar Bikram Yoga. I was lucky the heaters were busted. There were like 30-40 of us in the room since it was a holiday and EVERYONE wanted to do yoga that day. It wasn't so bad. 26 postures. I didn't die.

I turned into a Yoga Nazi for awhile. I tried encouraging everyone to go. I even dragged my husband to 2 classes. He claims, he still would go if he only had the time. I did yoga 4 to 5 times a week. It felt good and I looked good (Angkapalngfez!).

I honestly will tell everyone to try Bikram at least once in their lives. Here are the benefits:
  1. You will never sweat as much as this ever in your life. Places that you never knew could sweat, can sweat!
  2. 90 minutes for 1 session. Usually you jog 30 minutes and you bore yourself out. Imagine doing 2 yoga sessions in a week. That's like 180 minutes. If you're smart you'll figure out that that's like equivalent to 6 (boring) jogging sessions. If you become a Yoga Nazi, 4 or 5 times a week! (Ikaw nalang magcompute ilang hours. It's late. I don't want to compute.)
  3. You can do alot of flexible stuff that your nephews and nieces will be amazed with. Para kang clown.
  4. How can this be number 4?! You can eat anything and not get fat. If you have discipline (which I don't), you can actually lose weight and have a sexy body!
  5. After you get out of the room, even if you were lying down the whole time, you can say, "Hell yeah! I've done that!". It's such a sense of accomplishment and it really is.

So I made Karl take a picture of me in one of my favorite poses. In class, I thought my leg was straight already. I guess when there's no mirror, it's ridiculously hard to maintain your balance. And apparently, feelingera ako because my leg isn't straight at all! One of my goals to straighten that thing out.

Standing bow pulling pose as of June 2011
So thank you Andrea Ocier for making me kulit to do yoga. Can't wait for you to teach me! If you'll allow me to post your crazy ass standing bow, I will post it here!


  1. You may post my standing bow pic if you wish, just make sure I look good in it ;) also, you've never been fat, silly. Keep on keeping on with the yoga! You getting to go more often now?

    - Andrea

  2. I go once or twice a week:S I want to do it more often. Everytime my 30 classcards expire I tell myself to get unlimited but I can't. It's so hard wtih work to go to yoga alot and spend time with Mia.