Sunday, January 20, 2013

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I took a picture of all the milk I have frozen, just in case I never get the same amount in my freezer ever again. Yesterday I donated some of my breastmilk. I promised I would do this once my milk stabilized because early on I had to ask for milk for Lily due to bleeding nipples I had. Then during the Christmas break my milk lessened due to the parties and I couldn't pump religiously. I know how it feels like not being able to provide your own milk and it was such a crappy feeling.

Now I'm back to rebuilding my stash again. I'm due to go back to work soon hopefully I have enough milk to purely breastfeed until 6 months. Since Lily is going to be our last, I wouldn't mind pushing to breastfeed until a year. That would be great! Hoping for the best.

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