Sunday, September 4, 2011

Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar Part I

The first time I heard about this place was from my husband.  When he told me about this, the first thing that came into my mind was, mumu.  I shrugged it off and told him we weren't going there.
This way... That way...
After a few more mentions from my husband(he didn't get any commission from promoting to me) and a couple of sites researching later, I succumbed.
Welcome from Mia! (Tarpaulin is kinda tacky, what do you think?)
Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar is located in Bagac, Bataan.  It is within a 400 hectare land surrounded by the Umangol River and South China Sea, only less than 10 hectares is developed to date.  This is owned by Jerry Azucar and is managed by Genesis Hotels and Resorts (the same group who manages Bella Roca, Misibi sBay, Astoria, Midas Hotel, etc.).  There are 27 heritage houses ranging from the Spanish era to the "newest" from the early 1900's.  They opened it to the public last year.

with our guide, Joanna
Based on their website, there are 2 ways to go to Las Casas, either via SCTEX Dinalupihan Exit or NLEX San Fernando Exit.  Since I could not contact their Manila office to inquire which route is better, we decided to take both routes.  The website mentioned SCTEX first, so we decided that they were suggesting the most efficient way so we took this exit going there.  We did NLEX San Fernando coming home.  The verdict?  SCTEX route is more predictable but is 40 kilometers longer.  It took us about the same time to do both routes, but there is a higher probability that you can get stuck in traffic via the NLEX route.  If you get lost, just ask the way to Mt. Samat Shrine or Montemar.  It's basically the same direction and near Las Casas, you will finally get to see signs.
Some tips and things to know about the place:

Casa Vyzantina- under renovation to open end 2011 as a high end hotel with WiFi and butler service
1. Entrance fee is P650 for day tour.  Children under 5 are free! Yay for Mia! They have a package that is P1350/ head which includes lunch but I would suggest you opt for just paying for the day trip.  Our lunch cost P800 for all 3 of us and we ordered drinks at that!  They also have an elite membership that costs P6,500.  This includes free entrance for the cardholder plus 3 guests and discounts for meals and amentities.

They should invest in those plastic covers for shoes like in other heritage places abroad

2.  Wear footwear that you can comfortably slip in and out of.  Most of the houses that you will go into will require you to take off your shoes.

Acceptance- Casa Hidalgo, the first UP School of Fine Arts

3. With that being said, bring wipes to clean your feet after.  You don't want to know how Mia and I cleaned our feet.  I'm pretty barbaric.  Ask me how I did it! Ask me! I'll tell you personally.
Mia: Why me?!?

4. Golf carts are for rent at P350 per hour.  We opted to get one since the rain was on and off.  We couldn't make Mia walk in the puddles BUT they do giveaway disposable rain coats for free!  Yes, even if they're disposable we took them home for future use.

One of the few family pictures in Zoro's house- GMA taped their teleserye in this resort

5. I suggest go during end of the year, when the weather is cool and isn't too unpredictable.  Our guide said summer is too hot in Bataan and I could understand given that we had both rainy and sunny weather today.  It was quite confusing. They currently have 3 more buildings in construction- a Muslim structure, a replica of Jose Rizal's house(with some authentic parts) and a replica of a church in Bataan.

6. Tours happen hourly starting at 8:30 until 11:30 in the morning, resumes at 2:30 in the afternoon.  I inquired about this in their Manila office and they told me tours were until 10:30am for the morning tours only! So I told Karl to make sure we got there by 10:30am, we were late, but it turned out that they had another tour which we were able to take at 11:30.  Do not trust Manila office lady! She does not answer questions correctly.  I don't know her name because I have a bad habit of not asking who I'm talking to or I ask and just forget it afterwards.

For more information, you can check out their website or call them in their Manila office (02) 332-5338.  You usually do not need to call to reserve for daytrip but maybe for peak season you need to call in just in case.

Will I go back? Maybe.  I still will not sleep here.  You will not be able to bribe me to sleep here. Mumu factor.  This place is definitely a breath of fresh air from all the malls we go to every weekend.  I can see my family bringing all the visitors from abroad here.

P.S. I found it so funny that the guide could not tell us alot about the owner.  She knows that both the owner, Jerry Acuzar and his father have only one hand (due to a work related accident).  I tried Googling him or even finding a picture (stalker!) but nada! Try your luck, maybe I just suck at finding the right key words.


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