Saturday, July 30, 2011

Move over iPad!

There's nothing like the real thing.  Look what my brother bought.

Age 5+ Translation: Grandma will play!

Level 1: Bring it on!
I'm guessing this came from Divisoria. Where else can it be from?

Wellness Wednesdays: Crossfit Manila

The exercise that almost killed me.

I pride myself in being physically fit. I can’t run for the life of me (I get BORED) but I believe I have endurance to do sports and all that jazz. Since I’ve been doing Bikram yoga, I have always thought I was kinda invincible.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

D' Orig may asim pa

My wish is lotsa bebes

I have dubbed myself as "May asim pa" in the office but the original is none other than my brother. He just turned 40 BUT he can still party like there's no tomorrow sometimes. He can still come home at 6am from Chicane. I don't know how he does it.

Picture for posing purposes. Cannot drink. Allergic.
He's my idol. And not just because of the partying. This is late but Happy Birthday Kuya! Noone beats the original!

Of birthday invitations

Mia's 1st birthday invites

I have always believed that invitations give you expectations of an event. Great invitations=great party. Half assed invitations=Don't expect too much. I forced requested my friend's boyfriend to make Mia's invitations. Trivia: He also did our wedding invitations layout. Hihihi. He's very nice! Thank you Toby! Anyways, since Lilo and Stitch was the theme for the party. The invitation was a no brainer, Lilo and Stitch. I copied the line on the side from a US invitation I saw online. I thought it was a really cute line to put not that anyone really RSVPs in this country!

For Mia's 2nd birthday I decided to mass text everyone to my mother's dismay. She decided to buy half assed invitations (those that I vowed never to use) in Barney theme. That's my mom being a mom. "Noone gets invited just through text". She didn't realize after a year or so, people start getting invited through Facebook! So no, I don't have a picture of that.

The best day ever!

I was quite hesitant to watch Varekai because my friend said Kaos was better.  Last minute, I decided we should watch because when will Cirque du Soleil ever come back? And I used to wonder when they will decide to drop by the Philippines, it would be such a betrayal not to go. Feelingera. Luckily, they sent out an email blast for 10% off for SM Advantage cardholders. Yes, I am a sucker for promotions. It was a girls’ night out- my mom, my cousin, Mia and I, 3 generations. Cool!

I really planned to be bagay with the tent
All in all, I was glad to watch. Mia was scared for the first few minutes of the show because of the costumes. The set was pretty dark too especially at the beginning. When I began to point out the kids who were part of the show she was finally able to adjust. Varekai’s stunt were less “perya” than Kaos, like no one was going to die if they didn’t end up doing the stunts the right way. I also liked the fact that it wasn’t too cheesy. No screen projectors on the side to narrate the story, although I had to pretend I knew what was happening.

Mia said she wanted to practice the stunts at home with her ahia.

Sorry na, I'm a really crappy photographer!

Hope you guys were also able to watch!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Venga Bus Part II

More pictures from last Friday night. The crazier stuff...

Before Karl passed out. Along Luneta. If you squint you can see the Cirque tent across.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Venga Bus

Last night my cousins and I decided to go on a jeepney tour. This was supposed to be a get together before my cousin gets married tomorrow. But since the groom to be couldn't make it, we made it in honor of him(Naks! Good excuse.).

Our Pimpin' Ride

Jeepney Tours offers different sightseeing options for tourists and locals like us. We just wanted to optimize the use of the karaoke duet wireless videoke system in the jeep. The seating capacity is 20 people, but if you're not portable like most of my family, 15 would be a safe number. We were only 18 and the heat was on even though the air conditioning was on full blast.


Familiar with this website?

I have my own contribution.

Ang tunay na lalake, hindi takot gumamit ng Disney princess comforter habang natutulog. Or maybe this is a DTNL moment. I'm not sure of the rules. Haha.

I asked his permission after he woke up

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

REPOST: Transmorphers: More than meets the eye 07.01.07

Just thought it was fitting to reblog since Transformers 3 just came out recently. This was originally blogged in July 1, 2007 when the first Transformers was released.

For our monthsary weekend, Karl and I decided to stay at home to babysit my mom.  My mom was alone, all the men in the house were gone.  Dad and Brother No.2 went to a victory party in the province. Brother No.1 went to Singapore.  We ate some Peking Duck (2 way! Yum! MSG!), just because I was craving for some (Every month we alternate sponsoring our monthsary which basically means, you get to boss around where to eat, provided that you pay for it).

Afterwards, we decided to watch Transformers version Metrowalk (aka pirated).  For the first 5 seconds, we both thought it was just a typo on the cover, Transmorphers.  Since the font of the title and the picture of the robot seemed like a Transformer of some sort, we kept on watching it.  We were even surprised we got lucky with a clear copy!  After a minute, I realized my boyfriend bought a B movie which was really Transmorphers.

So Karl still kept on insisting it was Transformers (which I don't get why he never knew the difference, because 1. Lalaki siya and dapat alam talaga niya 2. Reason no.1 should have been enough).  We ended up watching the Break Up, which was kinda morbid considering we were celebrating something.

Anyways, today, Karl, my mom and I picked up all the boys from the airport.  Karl, the dakilang boyfriend was volunteering his car even though my dad said that he could drive the Expedition na.  I kindly pointed out that if he used his Civic, he'd be stuck with all of them without me in the car.  Baka kainin siya ng buhay.  Brownie points for me for having foresight.

Happy monthsary :) Heart heart heart.

Of giveaways

I’m a sucker for birthday giveaways. I love it when Mia gets one after every birthday party she attends, but it’s such a problem when we get home. Our house is not big. Too many parties= Too many giveaways= Too much clutter at home!

For Mia’s first birthday party, I decided to have a cute bag made to carry all the loot the kids will get. Since I was expecting a lot of guests, my canvas bag became smaller and smaller until I was able to round up all the kids that were going to show up in the party. Without further ado... 

Rock is dead!
Alot of giveaways (I don't know why this is the only proof I have)

Monday, July 18, 2011


Warning: This is a semi-negatron post. If you don't want nega, skip this.

There are a few things I'm passionate about. One is yoga(duh) and another I feel strongly about is joining contests, raffles, getting freebies, you catch my drift. When I find easy contests to join, I even text my close friends who are also interested in joining. When I'm generous, I even tell them the answers.

I really got annoyed today because an officemate of mine showed me raffle entries he got. Basically the premise of the raffle is that you're supposed to collect receipts totalling to P2,000 and you get 2 raffle entries. He told me he only showed 1 receipt worth P100 and he got a pad of raffle. I'm estimating 30-50 tickets. The ticketer told him that she was disposing the tickets since the raffle was nearing already. I was really curious what on earth the ticket distributor was thinking. The raffle period was from July 1- July 31, August 1-31 and September 1-30.  I knew the tickets were for the quarter so I don't know what she meant by "the promo is ending".  I seriously had a flashback of all the days I nagged everyone to give me their receipts. I think they hate me by now (I just want them to equate my face to receipts). PG as you may think, I look at empty tables in the area if some have left their receipts so I can claim. Basta it's A for Afort. I go the extra mile. Slightly embarrassing but I don't like doing things half baked.

So imagine my dismay when that woman just gave it just like that. If she gave it to my officemate, she could have given it to anyone else. Here goes our conversation:

Candice: Miss, ano ba mechanics ng promo? (I knew the answer. I just wanted to catch her!)
Crazy woman: 2 tickets for every P2,000. Combined receipt will do.
Candice: So bakit yung officemate ko, nakakuha he only showed 1 receipt worth P100.
Crazy woman: Ah hindi he combined the receipts just like you. (Yes, familiar na nga ako. Sige na.)
Candice: No. He told me he only showed one.
Crazy woman: Ah. Sorry. Hehe. (She shushed me ala Victoria Court logo). Gusto mo rin?
Candice: Ayoko. Mali 'yan.

And then I walked away. Tapos natisod ako.

JOKE! Joke, on the natisod part.

I mean, the thrill of raffles is your sheer luck. You only need 1 raffle entry to win and you earn it. Maybe you earn it by spending. Or you earn if by other people spending. But you don't get it on a silver platter.

Kung ito rin lang dinadaya? Ano pa ang hindi? Where's the integrity?! I demand a redraw! On all the contests!

Did I take it seriously? Maybe I did. Was I over the top? Maybe. I hope she didn't get to sleep tonight thinking about her job.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


My pompoms fell apart, but the boys didn't.

Post game after I repaired my near shambles pompoms. F in durability!

Good job guys! Good luck on your next game.

My idol

Because my friend gave me permission to post her pictures.

Someday, I want to be this good (Someday meaning, sometime real soon. Like by the end of this year).

Bow pose

That's how you do it! Standing bow pulling pose
I've known her since 5th grade. Stage friend! Haha.

Of birthday cakes

Mia's birthday is coming up so please expect a lot couple of posts regarding kids birthdays and all that shebang.

This August, Mia is turning 4. This also means that I have been ordering cakes from the same supplier for the last 4 years. I discovered them from Karl's nephew's party. I would have never found them by myself but maybe if I did party organizers for Mia's party I would.

For her first birthday, I decided to go with the ever gasgas Hawaiian theme. I thought Mia looked like Lilo (From Lilo and Stitch, minus the hair. Stitch was her yaya then.). After I declared that to be the theme, I scoured 168 for all the prizes. Myged! Hindi pala uso ang Lilo and Stitch. Stitch by himself was famous but Lilo, who's Lilo in 168 world?!

Of course the first birthday was supposed to be the grandest if not at least one of the grandest parties in a person's life so we had a decent budget for the cake. Thus, the 2 layers. Heheheh...

Lilo and Stitch Cake figurine on the side not included

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High school project

My co-workers have a basketball game tomorrow. I decided to "refresh" my memory and make pompoms for extra oomph in supporting them (I promise will attempt not to trash talk because when I trash talk, my team usually loses.). I kinda forgot how to start them. Crepe or Japanese paper? How many sheets of crepe paper? How do I cut the sheets efficiently? I can't believe these were the only problems I had back in the day. Trivia: I was part of our high school dance troupe for 2 seconds.

So when I figured out what supplies I needed, I headed off to the bookstore. No brainer, they should have it there. National Bookstore Cybermall had 0 supplies. Okay, fine, I exaggerate. I refused to buy 1 sheet of crepe paper for P9. Technically, they had supplies, just at crazy prices. Then I tried SM. They did not have it! They do not have it all for us after all!  I ended up in ever reliable Cherry. Their prices are usually even below SRP. Ahluvet.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wax on, Wax off!

Thank you Kikay Exchange!
I already got my wax tonight. Thanks Kikay Exchange!

Mia: Mom, are you going to use your wax tonight?
Candice: Not yet, it's late.
Mia: But mom, I saw 10 hairs in your kilikili.

Oversharing! Please don't check my armpits out tomorrow...


Blondie Frog!
After stuffing myself last Friday, Mia and I dropped by Toy Town to digest the food we ate. We saw these little "gumball" machines that randomly dispenses toys. I decided to get one for Mia. I chose the one that only required one token because each token costs P50! (Extortion!!!).

There were alot of animals to choose from but I randomly got a frog! Fate.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

May asim pa...

I was never the skinny type. My weight has been yoyoing since I don't even remember. I have been on a "diet" since I turned 12. When I turned 12, my mom had vintage things that she had when she was single that didn't fit me. I was just... BIG. (If you need proof, sooner or later, I'll blog about it.)

After ten thousand years, I became a mother. I lost all the pregnancy weight(+the weight I blamed on pregnancy but didn't get really because of that) thanks to breastfeeding but there was still that extra not so baby fat fat that was lying around. My friend (who turned out to be 2011 Spring/Summer TT Yogini awardee) who has been practicing yoga had been bugging me to try it out. I have never been a fan of "fad" exercises/sports because I always think that you don't need to socialize to lose weight and more importantly, you don't need to spend to lose weight.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Positive Focus

Nothing beats getting freebies.

Check out what greeted me in my inbox last night!

Not this picture but an email asking for my details because something is getting sent to my house!

Kikay Exchange Nanny Rose Sticks and Pulls Giveaway
Ahluvet! I bested 50 entries I think. They gave away 2 sets. Next up! A brand new car.

Because there's a little maha in all of us...

Thought I wouldn't make this blog, huh?

This is dedicated to the Frogs(very exclusive and elite group) I see on weekdays:
  1. Black Frog- Rxstxe Fxdxl (The original mahadera)
  2. Arte Frog- Sxndrx Raxxs
  3. Tadpole Frog- Mixxrellx Gabrxxl 

Let's see how it goes...

Blog on!