Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland Part I

How can I talk about Hong Kong without showing pictures of Disneyland?

Excited much? Disneyland ticketing station in Hong Kong MTR Station

We got our tickets before Disney increased prices last August.  Now, 1 day ticket cost $399 HKD for adults, $285 for children (aged 3-11), and $100 for senior citizens.  We got ours $50 HKD cheaper.  If you buy your tickets online, you can claim your ticket in Hong Kong Station just so you don't need to line up in Disney to get your tickets.

We rode the MTR.  Each adult will cost $24.50 HKD one way from Hong Kong Station.  It will take you around 33 minutes to get there (Yes, exactly 33, not 34 not 32! Haha. Got it from the Disney website.).

And we're here! Side note: Yes, may nakafamily picture din in the background and Yes, I had to wear boots, kebs?  More pictures with minimal narration.

Had to do a close up because everyone wanted to take a pic here

Adventureland! Yes, Girl scout mama brought Minnie Mouse ears

This is when I tricked her to wear her Princess Aurora costume.  Inside It's a Small World ride

This is the Philippines part and they were singing in Filipino "Maliit ang mundooo..."

Paalam!  Bye!

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