Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Goose Station or Elbert's Steak Room

We did neither.

Karl and I were deciding on these two restaurants for Valentine's.  He reserved for both, cramming for our final decision.  Eventually we ended up in Lu (Lulu?), Rockwell.  He told me he just had a reason, I didn't know why but I just went along with it.

I was kinda getting pissed with the little things- How he did not dress up for Valentine's (He was the only guy in the restaurant who was not wearing a buttoned down shirt!!!), how he was being mean and pushy to the waiter, and all these other things.
I saw Sarah Meier Albano (Yes, I really just notice celebrities) in the restaurant and I thought if she were here, the food better be good. Midway between appetizer and the main course, the music suddenly changes from a jazzy beat to mildly loud and annoying.  I was thinking to myself, I was going to kill Karl after this, like a little more than butchering for ruining Valentine's 2012.

Then, a guy from the bar suddenly started singing.  I thought to myself, oh, there was someone proposing OR there was actually a program.  And then Karl stood up and sang...

I died.  You see, I always tell Karl, "Why don't you surprise me?  Mababaw lang naman kaligayahan ko."  He's the type of guy who would just hand me over the money and let myself find what I want rather than him making an effort to figure out what I want.

This probably ranks second to his best effort EVER- when he was forced to dance danced La Bamba with me in our wedding.  It took A LOT of forcing but everyone still can remember it.

I love you, Heart Heart Heart(Yes, this is what I used to call him when he was still my project. Haha...)!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. I hope you weren't the ones who reserved in both Elbert's and Goose Station and didn't show up. That is very rude.

  2. Karl planned. I wouldn't know if he cancelled, ask him. Usually restaurants call to confirm...

  3. All the guys stood up and sang? Wow :) How did they plan the surprise? It's so romantic in a funny way!!! :) -Sab

  4. They practiced the night before but Karl didn't so he just downloaded the lyrics...