Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nayong Pilipino sa Clark

This weekend was about celebrating Mia’s birthday salubong.  Since we were in Clark, we decided on dropping by Nayong Pilipino Clark to explore.  I have not been to Nayong Pilipino in Clark ever as far as I know/ remember because I have Alzheimer's I'm not so credible with these things.  The last time I was in Nayong Pilipino, Pasay was when I was in 1st grade.   Yes, so many eventful field trip sites then (Luneta Park and Nayong Pilipino...).

Welcome to Nayong Pilipino Mowdel Pose

The Map!

Nayong Pilipino sa Clark Expo is a 3 hectare theme park featuring 2 areas: Pre-Colonial Plaza and Colonial Plaza.  It was quite different from Pasay because I remember little Chocolate Hills and Mt. Mayon from there.

Ifugao Village

Kalinga Village

We were all familiar with the weather last week with Kabayan and whatsitsname's typhoon passing the Philippines so I was expecting that it would be a little soggy in Clark, and it was.

Ate doing weaving. LIVE! She lent Mia the hair piece.

We didn’t spend so much time in the pre-colonial era because it was gravel and sand.  Mia was wearing Crocs and she was complaining she was getting "rocks" inside her slippers.  I gave her the option of wearing sneakers or Crocs.  I should have just insisted she wore the former.

In front of Emilio Aguinaldo's house

In front of Barasoain (My husband likes taking putol pictures)
Can some tell my the significance of the Chinese Bridge?

We spent around an hour here.  I had 2 complaining companions. 1 did not want to get jabar sweaty/stinky.  The other did not want to get "rocks" in her Crocks... Crocs.  Sorry I couldn't stop myself from saying a lame joke.  Oh, and since I'm malas, my sandal also broke! Not obvious in the picture but I was a limping frog.

Fees are P30 for children, P50 for adults, P20 for parking.  They peek inside the car to count how many heads there are inside maybe hide in the trunk. Haha.  Don't be barat!  We need more places like these for the kids.  I don't even know how they survive.  It was a weekend and there was only 1 Mandaluyong public school bus there with us.  It had a giant face of Ben Abalos and a tiger. I'm sure it was from Mandaluyong.

Mia had 2 wishes: Hong Kong Disneyland and Baby Lily

For more details, you can visit their website.  Clark office number- (045) 436-1718/ +63927-287-0097/ +63949-768-1893.  Pasay office number- (02) 832-3767.  Regular Sunday masses are held inside the "Barasoain Church" every 10am.  They have shuttle service from 8am-6pm to Clark Freeport Zone Main Gate (that's near SM City Clark).

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