Saturday, July 16, 2011

Of birthday cakes

Mia's birthday is coming up so please expect a lot couple of posts regarding kids birthdays and all that shebang.

This August, Mia is turning 4. This also means that I have been ordering cakes from the same supplier for the last 4 years. I discovered them from Karl's nephew's party. I would have never found them by myself but maybe if I did party organizers for Mia's party I would.

For her first birthday, I decided to go with the ever gasgas Hawaiian theme. I thought Mia looked like Lilo (From Lilo and Stitch, minus the hair. Stitch was her yaya then.). After I declared that to be the theme, I scoured 168 for all the prizes. Myged! Hindi pala uso ang Lilo and Stitch. Stitch by himself was famous but Lilo, who's Lilo in 168 world?!

Of course the first birthday was supposed to be the grandest if not at least one of the grandest parties in a person's life so we had a decent budget for the cake. Thus, the 2 layers. Heheheh...

Lilo and Stitch Cake figurine on the side not included

Styrofoam except for Lilo, Stitch and M-I-A

No picture with Mia because she passed out when it was time to blow the cake! Talk about great timing from the little mahadera. The top layer was made out of styrofoam since I figured I wanted it lighter to be less prone to accidents.

Her 2nd birthday came without us even noticing it. She was so into Barney that time that I decided to make it the theme. Crazy people in 168 did not know the purple dinosaur either. This I couldn't believe... I thought he was so famous! Apparently NOT.

Blurry but I thought her smile was so cute!
For her 3rd birthday, we just used this cake in class. If you're a good observer, you'd see the downsizing I've done throughout the years. We picked Disney princesses. Mia is so in love with Aurora, make the princess wear pink and Mia's in heaven!
Smiling for her 3rd birthday
If you want to try them out or just check them out, you can contact Kitchen Krafts Novelty Cakes, telephone numbers: (02) 533-5288/ (02) 381-7058/ +63922-394-0054. I always get their chocolate base :) They're very up to date! They have Angry Birds already. Haha.

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