Thursday, July 26, 2012

27 Dresses

No, I didn't even watch this movie.

I hope I don't jinx it, but another advantage of having a child early is getting her to be a flower girl in a lot of weddings.  Either Karl and I have a lot of friends, or people don't know anyone with kids at flower girl age, but I think Mia has kinda hit a pretty good quota on weddings.

These are her flower girl stints so far:

1. The first one was in Chicago!  How social!  If you squint, you can see in the background, it says The Chicago School.  Yes, she was a tiny munchkin then and yes, pat on mommy's back for surviving the long haul flight with a toddler.  She was less than 2 years old.  It was in June but the weather was pretty cool so she was all bundled up in the picture taking.

2. This was the day after Ondoy.  Her dress was made by Randy Ortiz.  As you can see it was hard to make her focus then.

3. She looks like the bride but she's not.  Dress by Pepsi Herrera.  This had a cute blue and apple green ribbon. So adorbs!  I requested her hair to get curled but it was too fine.  It ended up looking like a pile of mess in the reception.

4. Dress by Cecilio Abad.  And we were LATE!  Parlor hair!  Curls after this I took matter into my own hands (See my tutorial on hair curling with no heat).

5. Dress by Edward Uy (Meme, did I get this right again?  I always get his name wrong.)  As you can see she's growing up faster than you think.  She poses and tilts her head to make pacutes.  Say what??? 

6. This is wedding no. 6 and she wasn't even 5 then.  That was my goal, 5 by 5.  Haha, stage mother.  Dress by Michi Calica.  I wanted my prom dress to be made by her.  Who would have thought my daughter would get a dress by her before I did?  Yes, life isn't fair.

7.  Fitting for duties no. 7!  This is for September.  Dress by Zandra Lim.

We're ending the year with 8.  We already have another wedding in January.  This is not a brag book (Oh yes it is, haha!)  but I'm really glad Mia gets a lot of air time in weddings.  I hope she realizes that not every little child gets to do this.  I actually only have 1 vivid memory of being a flower girl and that's only because I had a studio shot for that wedding.  Beats me why.

I'm just hoping the next one gets at least half of Mia's air time.  Yes, she's a bouncing baby girl!  Well, not really bouncing yet, but in a couple of months when she comes out, she will be!

Are you getting married? Bat bat bat eyelashes...

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  1. really cool documentary! agree that not all girls have this many opportunities to be flower girls.
    kudos also for the first flower girl event in Chicago! you're one brave mom!