Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sexy Saturdays: Pole Dancing and Zumba

I have always wanted to try pole dancing.  I have seen advertisements about Polecats Manila.  I ended up trying Movement Dance Studio.  Why?  Because I'm jologs and Ciara Sotto is the teacher in Movement Because the trial for pole is P400 and if you do other classes for trial, they're for free.  Ding ding ding!  We've got a winner right there.  Free trial again! I know, I know, someday soon, these freebies will bite my behind.

I am trying to look as undistorted as possible

After the Crossfit experience, I realized a. I shouldn't do things on a full stomach b. I should be more open-minded that I will probably suck doing something for the first time.  So I was right on both things.  Good thing I did not overeat my eat-all-you-can Mongolian.  Meme and I looked like monkeys in a tree in our attempt to do pole.

Meme trying to brave the crazy poses

Things to wear: tight clothes, no denim (DUH!).  Don't put lotion or any oil on your body because you will slip.  Bring a towel and alcohol to wipe off the sweat from the pole to have a better grasp (This they did not tell us about over the phone!).

She will pay for the crazy poses later on

I wouldn't mind doing this again BUT be wary of getting alot of bruises especially on your first time.  I was observing how the more experienced students were doing it.  There was alot of arm action.  My cousin and I got skin burns because of the friction between our inner arms and the pole.  If you had more control, it wouldn't be the case.

A whole lot of thigh lovin'

I was scared of the bruising so I did not really attempt to do the hard stunts.  I have really poor arm strength and my fake abs are really just fake so I couldn't control my legs going anywhere (lower ab strength required).  It turns out to go upside down you need to kick your legs up in the air and catch the pole with your legs.  Yes, it is as complicated as it sounds.

For the road... Uwian na!

The class is 1 hour divided into the warm up, stunts, and cool down.  The warm up and cool down were pretty doable, alot of stretching which I'm used to from yoga.  Some of the poses I have already encountered in yoga (not Bikram).  The stunts had alot of swinging around the poles. P-A-I-N-F-U-L if you don't know what you're doing, like us.

I was not able to do the whole class for Zumba.  I was only able to do the warmup which was 50% of the whole class!  It reminded me of how we dance after weddings.

My cousin's wedding last 2007
Apart from Meme, my other cousin Jen, my aunt and my mom joined in.  Since I left early, I asked them how it was.  They said it was fun and they wouldn't mind doing it again.  It turns out the instructor does private classes too.  He teaches Bea Alonzo privately.  Lumelevel up na naman ako!

For more information, you can check out Movement Dance Studio's website, or call (02) 944-8075.  They are moving their Ortigas branch soon to a more convenient location.

For private Zumba classes, you can contact Doi (the instructor) +63929-103-5990.  He charges P1,800 per hour for 5-7pax.  Good deal if you ask me :)

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