Friday, March 2, 2012

Of Wedding Giveaways

Before the photobooth craze, there were real giveaways. 

In my mom's house, there are a lot and I mean A LOT of giveaways gathering dust from the 70's, 80's and 90's.  I will not be caught giving away a figurine!  Again, giveaways are important!  Why?  Because that's what the guests take home after your wedding high and remember you for at least until the moment they throw it away (Yes, they will still be disposed off!).

Research for pegs!  I really wanted to give food away, but not cakes, slices of cakes, cupcakes, bread, you catch my drift (Nothing against it, just my own personal taste.)?  I wanted M&Ms chocolates that were personalized but the logistics of getting them to Manila without melting,!  SO I found an alternative, candy! 

I found a really cute idea online- to give away mints.  I had options for the tagline, "Mint to be" or "Mint for each other".  My friend said the latter was cuter so I opted for that.  I got heart shaped mints.  I got the tin cans from Printed Matter.  Actually, their cans weren't for mints but for the lack of supplier (which I'd think there would be one now.), I had to get what they had.  Because of the size of the cans, the first order of white mints was short, so I had to reorder so I decided to get another batch in pink!  So, may deeper meaning pa ang giveaways ko!  The pink hearts symbolized Karl and I, okay, I guess not so deep after all.  Haha, but the "Mint for each other" also symbolized Karl's humor, which isn't so funny.

Lessons learned from giveaways scouting?  A. Research!  B. Keep suppliers on hand (Printed Matter had, in my opinion, quirky invitations but I thought they were extortion so I ended up not getting them.  Eventually, I ended up getting them for the giveaways.).  C. Be practical, guests will still inevitably throw your giveaway unless it's an iPad or an iPhone (But in the end, when it conks out, it will still get thrown away. Hahaha... I will not make you win.), so just imagine you throwing your money away.  It hurts.


  1. Hi! May i know where u ordered the mints? M getting married this june and i want to give away edibles to guests. Hope u would answer. Thanks! -Kristina

  2. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I just bought them from an online store in the US. My cousins were coming for my wedding so they brought it here to save on shipping :)