Sunday, July 15, 2012

Of Posters

When I was younger(a long long time ago...), I had Leonardo Di Caprio's picture on the ceiling of my room.  Blame it on Titanic, but I thought he was such a cutie patootie.  Basically the concept was he was the last person I see at night and first person I see in the morning.  Don't judge.

I had a good talk with Mia last week when she was making careless mistakes on her quizzes.  Karl and I told her that she was better than what she was getting and she should know better (Yes, our daughter is only 5 and we discuss this).  I worked harder on the worksheets I gave her and just hoped she would do better Crossing my fingers that the maid isn't answering them.

So when Mia had a good run on her "paper work" (Smartly disguised but really are quizzes), Karl and I decided we had to reward her.  I have been trying to think of what was the best way to encourage her to do well in school without making her feel like good grades are the end of it all.  We had a movie date to cap the week off (Don't watch Ice Age 4, if your kid is young, they say words like "Stupid" which I thought was inappropriate for young kids to watch), we passed by Toys R Us.  Karl thought that we should buy Mia something to encourage her for her good grades.  Mia wanted Gummy Pizza.  You have probably seen it in stores, it looks like the shadiest gummy candy on earth.  I said no, and I suggested that she get a One Direction magazine.  She was trying to make pakipot at first, but mommy knows better.  How can you not get One Direction magazine, when that band is the only thing that wakes you up in the morning?  5:45am at that?!?  Yes, mother knows best!

And now, we have taken a step further.  Since the magazine has a free poster, Mia has taped the poster on her bedroom door so she can see them before she goes to school and at night before she goes to bed.  I don't know where on earth she got the idea of giving the poster flying kisses but I told her to stop (Creepy alert! Too young).

Full circle.  I hope this boys fascination fades in time... Like for a good 10 years or so.

A mother can dream.

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  1. My daughter also loves one Direction and she is also 4!