Thursday, September 20, 2012

Injured Girls

Mia and I are on house arrest.

I started having this funny feeling last Saturday in a wedding we were attending.  I thought I just overate, but the "earthquake" feeling in my tummy didn't go away until I surrendered and went to my OB last Monday.  And to think I was postponing it to Thursday!

Mia on the other hand started with cough and colds.  It has now progressed to fever.  Crossing my fingers that it isn't dengue.  Hopefully it's just a weather thing.

This picture was taken from the wedding last Saturday, Mia's 7th flower girl stint.  I was on my 30th week then.  I'm at 31 weeks now.  We don't want me giving birth right now.  My OB says we need to wait at least 32 weeks to make sure the lungs are fully formed.

My urinalysis results are out and it's leaning towards UTI.  Once this is treated, I hope the trembling shaking thing goes away.  For now, I'm on bed rest day 2.  I would have never thought I'd do this.  Oh well, there's a first for everything.

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