Saturday, October 13, 2012


Guys, welcome the newest addition to our family. She's not really out yet but with all the rumbling my tummy is experiencing, I think she wants to meet all of you.

I actually decided not to do a 4D ultrasound because our weekends were always so tight usually because of Mia's schedule. Eventually I realized my kids should have equal rights. Mia never had her 4D because she didn't want to show her face, but I did go for one so the intention was there.

We still haven't decided on a nickname and it's kinda funny how I'm stressing out over it more than her real name. Her real name goes on paper and her nickname can get changed any time. Silly pregnancy hormones! Don't ask me how much I weigh because I feel like a whale slash cow slash insert something heavy.

I'm trying to take it easy but 'free' and 'lazy' weekends doesn't seem to be in my dictionary. Oh well, 4 more weeks and I'm off to the chopping block! Yes, I just called it that.

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