Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things You Have to Do in Baguio

I'm back from being flushed in the toilet.  A couple of weeks ago, we went to Baguio to attend a wedding.  I haven't been there since the 90's so I was kinda excited to see Baguio again.  Here are the things you have to do while you're there:

1. Take a picture with the Lion.  If you're lucky, you have the lion all to yourselves like we did.  Don't go crazy like I did though.  The Lion was repainted.  Squint, it's sponsored by Davies!

2. Ride a horse.  We weren't able to do it in Wright Park like the good ol' days BUT we did it in Camp John Hay. Mia was beaming.  This was the first time she rode a horse all by herself.  His name was Jepsy and I think they meant Gypsy.  It was P250 for half an hour.  They have a sign so at least you know the fee is not arbitrary depending on how touristy you look.

3. Go to Burnham Park. 
4. We didn't ride a bike BUT we did ride the swan (see behind Mia). P60 for the boat. P25 if you get a rower.  We hired a rower.

5. Go to Mines View Park.  

6. They have horses with dyed hair and you can pose with them for P10/ shot.  They have St. Bernard's that wear shades and you can pose with them for P10/shot.  You can even rent authentic Ifugao headgear and costumes.  Take a picture with the view (or sort of view...)

7. Eat in Cafe by the Ruins.  I asked this question on Facebook on where to eat and practically everyone replied that we should eat here.  They didn't disappoint.

8. Go to Baguio City Market. 
9. Buy walis.  I don't know why they attempt to outsmart you.  I wish they'd just post all the walis prices.  I don't know how they can have so many kinds when it's just a walis! They have walis in good, better and best qualities and even something in between!

10. Take a picture that's going to be a keeper :)

Did I enjoy Baguio?  Yes, I did.  Will I be back anytime soon?  No, I won't.  I felt bad that the Baguio I remember in my head isn't the same.  I felt like it was a glorified Cubao or Divisoria, meaning it was just "air conditioned" because of the weather.  Minus the weather, it would've been just like Manila- traffic, pollution and trash.  I hope the local government can do something about it.

I feel like my entry is such a downer.  We had fun!  REALLY!

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