Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why I Won't Have Pictures with Mia in Her AVP

You might think I'm just such a nag and I ask too much from my husband.

I always say that I take better pictures than my husband.  This is the best proof so far why I believe I am the better photographer.

This was taken in Mines View Park.  I don't know why, someone had this really smart idea to market St. Bernard's for photo ops.  Anyways, we did not fall for that.  Luckily the dog wasn't in the mood yet, so the owner (See person in red.  I am assuming he is the owner.) said free pictures, no need to pay.  So I told Karl to take a picture of me and Mia.

This was our first shot.  Yes, a memento with the owner.  Hindi nalang i-zoom.  I look distorted, Mia was looking somewhere else.  So when I complained about this shot, he took it again.  Actually we have 5 shots, after 5, I gave up.

Apparently, Karl does not have a learning curve.  Not only do we still have a picture with the owner (or at least his back in the picture), but we have a picture with Melissa Ricks, Angel Locsin and other people from ABS CBN!

I rest my case.

Is this really so hard to do?

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  1. I can't help but laugh at this entry. I can relate to you because my dad is like that too. He would even try to peek from a digicam. Hayy. Thank God Brian knows how to angle and doesn't mind carrying a tripod. :)