Monday, June 25, 2012


Awesomeballs!  Okay, I really don't get these balls thing.  First of all, how can balls be amazing or awesome?  Maybe it's a generation gap thing.  Yeah, yeah I'm old.

Moving on, someone posted on my Facebook wall that Mia got featured again.  It made my day- possibly being the highlight of the whole week!

So I texted Karl that Mia got featured again in a top 50 list and his reply was, "What number?"

Kailangan ba talagang competitive all the time?!?!

I told him it was probably in no particular order.  And judging from our picture quality, I doubt we're really no. 6 if there were a real particular order.  Yes, I have analyzed it.  Let me be, I'm a stage mom this way.

For all of you guys wondering how in the world we ended up here, I don't really know either.  I submitted Mia's picture to Planet Awesome Kid.  I guess from there, one of the editors of Buzz Feed thought that Mia was adorbs.  Yay!  Not only her parents thinks so...

Thank you Buzz Feed for the recognition!  You gave me butterflies in my tummy.  Until Mia's next model pose...

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