Saturday, October 27, 2012


So I'm down to basically my last few weeks.  I'm holding my breath to stop gaining weight, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do but embrace it (Good excuse?  Pwede na...).  I'm just hoping losing weight would be as easy as before.  Scratch that, I don't need it to be easy, it can be tough for all I care, BUT I just want to get my waist back.  Erase all my whining and pining before, I am okay with my body pre-pregnancy.

Before I get sliced in half, yes, it's a CS and we don't have any other option, I told Karl, I had this working list of food I NEEDED to eat.  Yes, NEED not WANT.  Brat in the house.  I have already eaten some of them but I wouldn't mind going back.  I do have 3 more weeks left...  Sharing you some of the things I've eaten so far:

1. Ukkokei Ramen's Tantanmien- It looks so greasy, but it's so greasy it's good :)  They only serve 20 bowls during dinner.  They don't serve this during lunch because it takes THAT long to make the broth.  It's an acquired taste.  It has a nutty spicy after taste, but after this, Miso Butter Corn has been overthrown!  Be warned about the crazy owner and they're not known for their customer service.  It's all business when you're there!

Red Velvet Cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes

2. Red Velvet Cupcakes- So far in this pregnancy, we've eaten locally: Sonja's Cupcakes, Gigi's, Cupcake Lab, Sophie's Mom and Karen's Kitchen.  In the US, we ate Magnolia Bakery's and Georgetown Cupcakes (a.k.a. DC Cupcakes from TLC).  Mia is very hard to please with her red velvet.  For awhile, she resisted and only ate the one with brown sprinkles (Sonja's), but now she has come to appreciate other brands (Sophie's mom and Karen's Kitchen).  I personally prefer Karen's Kitchen.  They have a branch in Petron Dasmarinas Village, same station where there's a UCC.  You have to try them out!

Karl vs. Food Moment
3. Wet Burrito-  Maybe I'm a Mexican at heart.  Joke!!!  It's Ristra's fault that my love for wet burritos has developed.  Unfortunately, in my last few visits, I haven't been pleased with their service.  They're always out of steak.  The "wetness" is barely visible for P90.  And refills for their sauces now have a fee!  Anobuzz!  Karl's cousin told me about this other Mexican place worth trying, so we did.  B&T along Ortigas.  They only had Cilantro rice (I was hoping they had brown rice), but that's the only complaint I have.  To choose the wet option, it's P130 instead of P90 but look at that burrito swimming in sauce!  And you don't need to pay for extra sour cream and salsa.  Works for me :)  On regular days when my tummy isn't squished by a 6 lb. and growing more baby, I can finish that whole thing (Don't judge!), but since I'm almost ready to pop, we just opted to share one. SO.WORTH.IT.DROOL.

I have other things on my list: an honest to goodness greasy burger, UCC Blueberry Cheesecake, really chewy chocolate chip cookies, molten lava chocolate cake (or whatever you call it), etc.  The list goes on depending what I crave for.  I have been leaning on the sweet side though so I'm being really careful because I don't want the baby to be diabetic although the tests show they were negative.

This is it!  We're almost there... 

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