Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner. Mia won't be here for most of the celebrations but I'm slightly relieved (Bad mother!) since I get to rest a little before baby no.2 pops out(Nickname still undecided!).

We got this as a pasalubong from my cousin in the US. It's a Halloween Do It Yourself kit. Basically it's Rice Krispies stuck together by melted marshmallows with orange food coloring. Very doable for out of practice non baking mothers like me. All we had to do after was figure out what decoration we wanted to design it with. It came with green and black icing too! So non baker friendly! Mia brought the good batch to school which hopefully made me a cool mom in her classmates' books again.

When I researched this company who made this product, they actually had endless designs per holiday! Amazing what people can think of to sell. In any case... Happy Halloween everyone! This will be the last Halloween that I only have 1 child to fuss about on what costume to wear. Here's to the next few years!

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