Monday, October 15, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom

Waiting in line for the Wheel of Fate (cheesy name I know!)

It has been over 10 years, maybe even 15 since the last time I have been here. Even though Mia has been to different Disneys, Sea World, Universal Studios etc., I still want her to experience what's here in the Philippines. Even though I wasn't in the best condition, I decided to join my teammates and let Mia experience Enchanted Kingdom. Since our group was big, we were able to take advantage of discounts.

Tickets were priced at P550 per adult with free hotdogs and a soda in can. Since I was pregnant, I got the "Special" ticket which is the entrance fee + carousel. I couldn't even ride the actual carousel horses just those chariots that don't move. I didn't ride anything, I just sat down and watched Mia say "Scary" to practically every ride she rode on. I was happy she was a trooper though. No crying, but I bet she was screaming inside. Yes, yes, what a mother.

We had other plans in the afternoon so our trip was pretty short and sweet. Mia claims she never wants to go back (Oh the drama princess!), but something tells me we'll be back before we know it.

You can even get cheaper tickets using your Mercury Drug Employee ID or if you have the Suki card but you don't get the drink and hotdog, but who needs the junk food anyways?

Thanks Tita Faye and Tita Keeks for being great chaperones!

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