Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Since my leave, I have been cleaning the house. It's amazing how fast things just pile up without you knowing it. I cleaned both my room at my mom's and our home. It felt like I didn't even make a dent. I have a couple more days left, are we ready? I don't think so. My friend told me I was nesting.

I found so many things, things I didn't even know I had. I have more things from grade school and I'm sure the attic will surprise me even more. I just wish I could fit myself there. Haha.

Here is some of the loot I found.  I don't even know, can you call them loot?  My acceptance letter from DLSU School of Business (I had a special letter, because I was a special child.  No I didn't study there and I didn't even attend the special tour because I didn't want to absent myself from school.  Dorkus Maximus.), my IDs from high school + my 3rd year library card, calling cards from my orgmates in college and my calling cards from my first job.

They are not exactly needed anymore, but do I have the heart to throw them out?

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