Monday, November 5, 2012

No Fail Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Breakfast of Champions! Haha, what a caption...
I don't cook.  Cooking and I were never friends.  I think it started in high school when we had cooking class.  We were cooking a very simple recipe of cream of corn soup.  Our recipe book had the wrong measurement and since a particular student wasn't listening to her teacher,  she did not hear her teacher say that the 2 tablespoons of salt had to be corrected to 2 teaspoons.  That was the saltiest cream of corn soup in the world and I even tasted it in front of my teacher, with a straight face, I said, "Ok lang naman ah...."   Right.

Fast forward to more than 10 years later, yes, it has been more than 10 years since high school, I still have no clue on how to cook.  Karl has been very supportive of my skills even if I generally just fail.  I love Mia to bits though.  She calls me the best cooker ever.  Or maybe because I cheat and just cook her hotdogs, longganisa and all those delatas.  As much as I want to cook everything from scratch, the only things I can proudly say that I can cook from scratch are rice and egg (which happens to be my daughter's favorite... Yes, the best cooker ever!)

If there's one thing I made an effort to learn.  Yes, effort daw o!  It is how to cook/make a grilled cheese sandwich.  I remember tasting this in Chicago when my cousin used to cook it.  Maybe because it looked easy enough for a fake cook like me, I took it upon myself to learn the recipe.  The ingredients are basically, white bread, butter, cheese (I try to get at least 3 kinds so there are different flavors.  Flavors daw o!  Yes, fake chef alert.)  It's not the hardest thing to do but Karl and Mia love it when I cook this.  And I love it that I actually don't burn anything, make the food taste inedible.

I have attempted to cook tomato soup to partner it with the grilled cheese but that was an epic fail, maybe next time.

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