Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bobbi's Mastering the Basics

Last week I attended Studio SnR's Bobbi's Mastering the Basics.  It was an intimate class of about 20 women who wanted to learn about putting make up.

Free Kit + Free Serenitea

Where you jot down the correct colors to put!

I went early, call time was 1:30pm and I was surprised that there were already a lot of participants there.  The instructors went around the room doing skin swatching to find the right color of foundation for each.  Most of the materials used were brand new.  The PG in me was shouting sayang! 

Each step along the way, the instructors requested a participant to sit in front to demonstrate what was supposed to be done.

All the participants had their own set of brushes and mirrors for the class.  Instructors went around lending palettes and other make up stuff. 

This is how I looked like after.  The make up is barely noticeable which I love because I don't really know how to put on make up and this minimal look is just great for everyday use.  I really have to work on coloring my eyebrows.  One of the participants said mine were lopsided.  Thank you for the honesty.  Hehe...

Now off to buy my own make up!

Studio SnR offers various classes.  Add them on Facebook to get updated on their offerings.

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