Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday at Manila Peninsula

Does their mascot have a name? Like Susie and Geno

We attended Manila Peninsula's "Mommy, Be My Valentine!" cake decorating class.  Mia and Caleb were over the moon because a. It's "cooking" b. They were going to be together in a class.

Picture with the Manila Pen chefs

Each group (1 adult and 2 children) got a set of toques and aprons, recipe of the cake, pencil and pen to jot down notes and an 8" Red Velvet cake.  The chef (The French dude on the right most, sorry I forgot his name) showed us how to do it step by step.  Obviously, what he said sounded easier than it really looked.  The kids were so amazed.  There was actually one point in time when the room was so quiet and everyone heard Caleb say, "Wow....." The chef smiled.

Goofing around while waiting for all the participants to show up

Mom, behave!

Piping, tough stuff!
Moving the cake to a cleaner circle thing

Adding the hearts
Disclaimer: I don't have 2 children yet!

Eating while working on the cake

Tada! This one's for Grandma!
I wouldn't mind doing this again.  I actually thought I was going to have a hard time managing them.  No yaya because an extra head would have cost me P400.  Will I really spend that?  No, of course not.

The kids are looking forward to another "Cooking class".  This was just decorating BUT let's just keep it between us, I think I had more fun than the both of them combined.  Haha. 

P.S. We saw Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars in Manila Pen too.  I wanted the kids to take a picture with her but I was too slow.  I didn't think of just taking a picture even without the kids.  DUH.  Not rocket science!

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