Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of Wedding Invites

Since it's the eve of our wedding month, I've decided to talk about our wedding.  I'm a practical kinda gal most of the time. I splurge in what I believe in and scrimp on the things I think are not so important.

Invitations are important!  Why?  Because it sets the tone of your wedding.  True, everyone will throw it eventually(or am I the only one?) but for the last 2 weeks before your wedding, that is what everyone is going to talk about.  So make it nice enough for it to spark interest, but don't waste too much money on it because it's literally throwing your money in the trash can.

For our invitation, I did not want to have a run off the mill invitation because that's just me.  To each his own, don't hate, appreciate.  I looked for pegs online.  I asked my friend, Toby if he could copy it and interpret the design. He did a great job.  Yay!!! Applause.

How did I trim the cost for this one? A. Find a friend who will design the invitation for you. B. Find a printer who does not necessarily do invites but can do it.  Trust me, colored print is EXPENSIVE with a capital E, so you just have to work your way around it.  I don't know how much inflation has affected prices but peg your invites to as close as you can to P100.  Do you really love throwing out P100 to the trash?  I know the answer.

I remember getting a text from one of Karl's officemates, complimenting our invitations.  She said it was really classy.  Thank you very much!  Mission accomplished. 

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