Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chateau Hestia

After our massage, Karl and I decided to take my parents to Chateau Hestia.  We stumbled on this restaurant when we ate in Bawai’s with Karl’s cousins and decided to walk around the area when we got too full.

Taken last May: If Senator Guingona had his birthday here(Says so in their chalkboard), it must be good!

Taken last May: Father and daughter tandem
Chateau Hestia is owned by Johannes Zehethofer who is a native Austrian (The waiters told us Australian, his last name does not seem so, and so I researched!).  He initially purchased this place for vacation but he fell in love with it and has been here for more than 10 years.  The compound has a restaurant and a bed and breakfast for visitors to enjoy.

Cozy interior

Special Pizza

For sale: Take out!

Must try tapas, model not included
We were the only people that night.  Considering it was a Saturday night, I was pretty nervous on how the food tasted like.  The waiters reassured me they were usually full.  Maybe because of the slight drizzle, guests were discouraged to drive up.  Along the ridge, just look for the Dominican School of Prayer sign and if you look closely, you will also see the Chateau Hestia sign.

Complimentary bread with eggplant dip

Forest Mushroom Soup P145

Hestia's Onion Soup P145

Reuben Sandwich P285

Al Pesto P285

Beef Stroganoff P570

Crusted Salmon P485
Service was really quick.  The food was good and affordable.  The restaurant had a homey feel with books for kids (major plus!) and travel magazines (some even foreign, I couldn’t understand).  If you can’t eat alot, I would suggest you make space for dessert!  The panna cotta and the soufflé are a must try!  I would show you pictures if I could, but I got too excited to eat them.  Sorry! Really good...

Chateau Hestia is open from Wednesday to Sundays.  You can reach them at +63929-711-3289 or email them.  I didn’t contact them though so I’m not sure of the details.  We just walked in which was such a risk if they were opened or not.  Good thing they close at 8pm and we got there by 7!

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