Monday, September 19, 2011

Nurture Spa

I won gift certificates from work.  Who doesn’t like gift certificates?  Who doesn’t like redeeming gift certificates?  Throw them over this way please!

Some smartypoopoohead did not take a picture in the afternoon
Last weekend, we finally decided to redeem them and bring my parents along.  Who doesn’t like massages?  Specifically, who doesn’t like FREE massages?  I would have planned it earlier but the spa had been fully booked on the previous dates that we wanted.

Nurture Spa

Nurture Spa is one of the pioneers in the Philippine Spa industry.  It has been recognized as one of the 28 most relaxing spas by CNN and one of the top 7 spas in the Philippines by Asia Spa magazine. 

The map in the website is pretty accurate.  You think you have already seen all of Tagaytay with the ridge and all?  You haven’t seen anything yet!  While driving towards Nurture Spa, you will see subdivisions that have lush houses.  It made us wonder who lived there, but I’m telling you now, there are rich people in Tagaytay!

Our room named Restore
We had a choice from 3 packages:
1.       A massage + an overnight/ 18 hour stay in an authentic Ifugao hut (No air condition!) + gift
2.       A massage + a 4 hour stay in an air conditioned room + gift
3.       A massage + facial and foot massage + gift

I reserved for package 2.  Karl will kill me if I book a non air conditioned room.  I decided since Mia will be with us, might as well have a room for her to watch television in.  When I called to reconfirm, it turned out, they mistakenly made my reservation for package 3.  Our reservation was for 4pm.  At 4pm, when we were not there yet, they called me!  Mental note: Always be on time.  In my defense, we were like 500m away.


Butterfly Haven

Herb Garden
The place is nice and airy.  The kids had a pavilion to stay in where they had sungkaans to play with.  They also had a small butterfly haven (I only saw 1 butterfly! Promise!), a small garden of herbs and a swimming pool.  They welcomed us with Ginger tea, not my type of thing, but it wasn’t bad, just my personal taste.

I found it weird that they were calling us to be prompt at 4pm, but we had to wait for 30 minutes for our rooms to get fixed.  I was getting nervous because my parents were with us.  Pressure!

The massage was so-so.  It took 2 hours for the body massage, foot massage and facial.  There were bright moments like when they placed heated banana leaves on our backs to loosen our muscles and when they used honey for our facial.  I think I have had better massages here in the city, but it was still an experience.  They gave us pandan tea afterwards.

Nurture Spa at night
If you want to try having a massage with a different ambiance, you may want to try Nurture Spa.  You can check out their website or their numbers (02) 584-4228, +63918-888-8762 or +63920-950-5724.  I suggest calling the last number, it has a funny ring tone but they pick up faster.

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