Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lily the Zebra

Early this month, Mia had homework for school.  Unfortunately, I am one of those anal homework mothers- good for my daughter, bad for me.  The exercise was that she took home a "mascot" or class "pet" and basically she just had to take pictures of the activities that she did that weekend and compile it in the scrapbook where the rest of her classmates posted their own pictures with Lily.

Lily the Zebra

Imagine my frustration when I found out we had to do this.  I HAD NO CLUE Lily was coming home.  Of all the weekends where we decided to stay in Manila, this was the weekend that Lily was going to be with us.  Karl had this bright idea that we submit pictures of Las Casas.  I rebutted, "How are we going to photoshop Lily in?".  Unfortunately, I have no photoshopping skills and don't even try counting Karl on homework.

These are the pictures we ended up posting in her scrapbook:

with the Biebs


Naptime... Zzz...

All buckled up for her party

Seeing her classmate in the party

with the birthday celebrant

A little trivia, Mia calls her imaginary baby sister, Lily.  Lily has been in my tummy for more than a year, since Mia was in Nursery.  Lily is sharing my tummy with her twin brother, Mio.  Imagine my surprise when Mia brings home a zebra named Lily.  They had brainstorming in school and 3 names came up: Lily, Timothy and Fluffy.  I have a feeling my daughter made braso that name.

By the way, my frustration about Lily's activities are valid.  My sister in law told me my nephew had a similar exercise last year.  They had Justin Beaver (Funny, right?) and someone actually brought Justin to Australia.  AUSTRALIA!

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