Thursday, September 15, 2011

Craft Pub and Grill

What happened that night- in a nutshell
One of my good friends from college visited Manila for a 2 week vacation.  We decided to party hard whatever that means.  We decided to have dinner in Craft Pub and Grill and proceed to Amber afterwards.

Craft Pub and Grill is located in Unit E- The Fort Strip.  It’s the same place where Prince of Jaipur, Embassy and Cuisine were located before (Uy! Signs of aging, wala na sila).  I got there an hour early so I had time to pretend I was not a loser.  Good thing Craft had free wifi BUT I didn’t understand why the waitress had to type the password.  Do they really not share their password or was the password so complicated she had to type it herself?

My judged Craft Burger (More judgement on me than on the burger)

Buffalo Wings
After ten thousand years, my friends arrived (I don’t blame them since I miscalculated traffic).  I ordered Craft burger which is their specialty because they won’t name it after the restaurant if it weren’t good.  I was judged by my friends for ordering a burger and not even considering sharing (It’s the yoga eating).  My friends got salad and different kinds of chicken wings.

Clingies with Balikbayan Brenda

My verdict? The food was okay- not mindblowing, but I’m not sure they really wanted to be.  As I type this, I don’t even remember how my food tasted like.  It wasn’t good or bad that I didn’t even remember.  Craft Pub and Grill is a homey place you can hang out in, where you can catch up on the gossip and find out what’s new with your friends.  And that’s what we did exactly.

Almost Mrs. Chua
For reservations, you can call (02) 846-1715.  They’re open the whole week from 11:00 am- 2:00 am.

*Thanks Jem and Brenda for the pictures

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  1. Hi there! Mahaderang Frog,
    Luvv your blog! So quirky and funny! I love reading your Adventures with Mia and your posts on fitness & wellness. I'd like to try yoga with you sometime! And hey, how do i get rid of my belly and "puson"? They've gotten quite big since early this year. I have no exercise whatsoever and been sitting in the office all day. What do you recommend??? Yehess! Fitness guru!