Monday, November 14, 2011

Akitaya Restaurant

One lazy Sunday morning, the family decided to try out Akitaya Restaurant.  We were supposed to go to Ukkokei for some ramen craving.  As usual it was a fail, this time around it was because they were undergoing renovation until November 14 (Take note people!)

Before I tell you how the food was, let me tell you the Legend of the Barats.  It's not really a legend.  People know that I am a thifty person in general, and my husband, in my personal opinion, is thriftier than me.  Akitaya is located along Mile Long, the other side not near McDonald's or Sango.  Anyways, when we got there, the guard was charging us P30 for parking.  I told Karl why not park in the McDonald's side since the week before we were there for a kiddie party and were not charged anything for parking fees.  When we came out of the restaurant it started to rain and we did not have any umbrella.  Karl refused to borrow from the parking attendant (Pride chicken) so he walked to the other side to get the car.  Clincher: Parking was P40 on the other side!  Apparently we were just lucky that we didn't get charged the last week.  I reasoned "Okay na rin yan, on average  P20/parking tayo dito."  So that's our story, now going back to the food.

Set menus. Disclaimer: Some of their food on the menu had no English translation. Good luck!

We arrived at 1:30pm, I was scared the restaurant was closed already.  They were kind enough to serve us with a smile.  If I were the attendant and someone came in at 1:45pm and we closed at 2pm... Death!

We ordered the usual, Mia's favorite, California Maki!

Japanese mayo drizzled! Nomnomnom... P220

Karl and I decided to get 1 Bento box each.  It's not sulit.  It's not super sulit.  It's uber sulit!  Each Bento comes with Miso soup, Japanese salad, fruits for dessert.

Free Miso soup. Free stuff have a special place in my heart!

Sushi Bento P320

Mixed Bento P350
For the Bento, you can get to choose from Yakiniku, Tonkatsu, Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki and Mixed Fry.  For the Sushi Bento, you only get to choose one, for the Mixed Bento, you choose two.  I ordered Tempura assuming they were going to come out with all prawns, but it turned out to be an assortment of fried things- prawns, fish and vegetables so I don't really know the difference between Tempura and the Mixed Fry.  No worries, they were all good anyways!

True measure of being a Japanese restaurant?  When everyone else who is eating in the restaurant is Japanese except you!  Karl went back and this was what he experienced with his friends. He went during dinner so they didn't have Bentos available which made their bill a little more expensive but they did have free appetizers.

Akitaya Restaurant is located in Unit 148, G/F Mile Long Building Amorsolo Street Legaspi Village Makati.  You can reach them at (02)813-7475.

Restaurant hours
Good stuff! Highly recommended.

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