Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mia's Quotable Quotes Rewind 2010

I was supposed to do 2010 but since my account just froze, I am trying my best to go back.

For now, this is what I was able to copy:

August 3
While Mia was on the toilet... Mia: Mommy, can you pinch my nose because my poopoo is stinky. At least she's honest.

Mia: Mama, I don't want to sleep the right way. I want to sleep the left way.

August 5
Mia: Mommy, this morning daddy kissed me and then he kissed you. Daddy's a prince! I had to put up a straight face when she made that realization. Hehe...

August 15
Mia: Mommy you need to wash your face. You have too many pimples. You need to wash your face to make it go away...

August 17
I don't know who teaches her these things... Mia grabs my foot and smells it. She says, ''Asim!".

August 24
Mia: Kristian starts with the letter K. Mama: What does Mia start with? Mia: M! Mama: What does Candice start with? Mia: Edlyn. Oo nga naman...

September 3
‎5 minutes after watching Pespicable Pea, Mia goes "So where's the princess and the prince?"... Uhh right.

September 11
Mia: Daddy, are you Eddie dot com-ing? Translation: Daddy, are you using the internet?

September 18
Mia on her Barbie doll knockoff, "Mama, you have to buy her a prince okay? So they can dance... Bad Romance...

October 3
Mia: I don't want to walk this dirt if I've gotta do it, solo...

October 10
Karl: Mia, what do you aspire for in the future?
Mia blank stare
Candice: What do you want to be when you grow up, Mia?
Mia: A princess!!!
Karl blank stare
I love our family conversations.

October 28

Candice: Tita Fur is online. What do you want to tell her?
Mia: Hello powz.


November 8
Should I get scared that Mia squealed like a teenager when I told her Justin Bieber called me up to ask her out on a date?

December 20
Try to figure this out
Mia: Why does Kati(pronounced similar to Makati without the ma) Perry have coconut pududus?

December 23
Why does my daughter say Kepsi delivery? Hunny, it's K.F.C.

December 27
Mia attempting to put on her backpack-
Mia (talking to herself): Urgh! It's so impossible! It's so unfair!
Drama Queen.

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