Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mia's favorite

If you ask Mia who her favorite parent is, without batting an eyelash, she'll tell you it's me.

Makapal na sa makapal but I know I am my daughter's favorite.  Based on my experience though, it does not necessarily guarantee that I will be forever my daughter's fave, but for now I'll thrive on it.

If there's one thing Karl and Mia love to do though, it would be sleeping.  I am not sure why this became their favorite pastime(I googled the spelling! Don't correct me.) or if this is even counted as spending time together but here are a few shots I took of them sleeping.

The only fake sleeping picture in this entry

Some thumbsucking action

One of Mia's notorious kicks and it hurts!

Disclaimer: Karl is wearing shorts!

She's getting bigger!

Dada with some Leap Frog action

Just before she stopped, when I bribed her with nail polish

I kid! Okay, this is not their only pastime.  There is also eating chips and reading books.  What's your favorite pastime?

Chips time!
Reading time!

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  1. I can't help but smile!!! I think the sleeping and reading runs in the family. I'm scared to admit, I too am a sleeping (beauty!) addict. AS in I heart sleeping!! LOL!!