Friday, November 4, 2011

Mia's Quotable Quotes Rewind 2011

I just realized that either a. I haven't been spending time with Mia or b. She stopped being witty because I stopped having my daily quotes from her.  I think it's the former which is bad.  Here are highlights of 2011.  Enjoy!

January 25
Grandma: Mia, can you please call your yaya to prepare your food.
Mia: Grandma, don't you have a telephone?
Even Grandma is tablado.

March 19
Mia: What am i wearing today?
Candice: Skinny jeans.
Mia (singing):....jeans, boots with the fur. The whole club looking at her.
At least we have potential in continuing a song with a word contests. Hehe.

March 26
Mia: What car are we using today?
Candice: Rav4.
Mia (singing): Four? I whip my hair back and four, I whip my hair back and four.
She's getting better at it

March 27
Mia: What's your favorite song, mommy and daddy?
Candice: Daddy's favorite song right now is Firework. (I'm not lying!)
Mia (turns to her dad): Huh? Daddy, are you a girl?
Even she finds something wrong that that's his favorite song. Haha.

April 2
Candice: Mia, let's buy this butanding keychain. We can put in the zipper of your schoolbag.
Mia: No mama, so we can put it in my cellphone!
Candice: What cellphone?!

Beep beep
Candice: Mia, please get my cellphone. Someone texted mama.
Mia: Text? Uyyyy! Textmate...

April 10
Too early to sing Christmas songs, Mia singing this morning:
He's making a list, checking you out...
Manyak na si Santa ngayon:S

April 29
Mia says something smart. Lola: Good Mia, you're using your head.
Mia: No grandma, I'm using my mouth.

May 14
In Mia's PTC, I found out Mia can perfectly associate a letter and its sound. For example, W, wu, wu...a word that starts with W is WAX. And in the PTC, I found out Mia told her teachers that her mother uses WAX in her kilikili to 'take out' the hair.

May 29
Channel surfing, Mia saw JLo's song on Channel V and she saw a number on the corner of the screen. "Mommy, countdown na!". Bakit alam niya yun?

June 14
Mia(after getting kissed by her dad who has a stubbly chin): Mom!!! Daddy hurt my two head?
Candice: Two head? You mean forehead? Hehe...

June 27
Mia's questions about my work today: Mama, did you play with Tito Rustie at work today? Mama, you have to work hard so we can have two babies!

July 4
Mia to grandma: Grandma, please tell mama to come home. Why so late?

July 26
Mia wears a straw hat with a straw bag.
Candice: Wow! Mia, you look like a farmer.
Mia: Like a Transfarmer?
Hay don't grow up too fast.

August 28
Mia: Mom, take my picture and post it on Facebook. People are going to ask 'Who's that? Ah si Mia Cotaoco pala!' Does she think she's popular?!?

September 13
Mia: Mom, when I'm achie, can I get Facebook... and a blog?

September 25
Mia: Mom, for Halloween, I want to be a pirate... in high heels!
Candice: Ano raw?

October 30
Candice: Mia, speak in Tagalog.
Lolo: Ano pangalan mo?
Mia: My name is.... Mama, I don't know my name in Tagalog

November 4
Mom: What movie are we watching?
Mia: Puss and Toots... Toots and Boots!

I'll try to go back to as far as when she started talking.  Keep you posted!

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