Monday, November 7, 2011

Jozu Kin Restaurant

Since I was craving for some Japanese or Italian and there weren't really alot to choose from in Ronac Art Center, either Charlie's or Jozu Kin, we opted for the latter.

Nice, clean and cozy!

While scanning the menu, they gave us a complimentary appretizer- crabstick with Japanese mayo and some lime zest (I think).  Yummy!  Hooray for freebies...

Mia has learned to appreciate California Maki.  I think this is my scheming way for us to compromise on what she eats.  Since she can't finish her own meal in restaurants, we usually share food.  So far, I have been successful in making her like Pesto (mommy's favorite) and California Maki (mommy's favorite).  I hope I don't get busted soon!

California Maki with Flying Fish Roe P223

I told the waiter to put the flying fish roe on the side (that's the black fish eggs in the bowl).  Mia is maselan when it comes to food.  It takes awhile to bribe her and make her taste all these things.  One success at a time, for now, plain California Maki will do.

Agedashi Tofu P139

Crunchy Kani Roll P245

Ebi Tempura Crunchy Roll with Teriyaki Drizzle P204

Karl and I weren't in the mood to eat real warm meals so we just did pica pica style.  The verdict?  From all the 4 platters, California Maki and Agedashi Tofu were the best tasting.  How can any restaurant screw up California Maki anyways?  Will we come back here?  It wasn't mind blowing.  Maybe we ordered the wrong food, but in our defense, we did ask the waiter what was good and he just said look at the ones with the red dots.  The food was affordable though and the service was really good(minus the part where the waiter recommended).

Customary pic of Karl eating
Jozu Kin, Ortigas branch is located in Ronac Art Center.  You can reach them at (02) 403-1875 or (02) 403-3646.  They have another branch in Burgos Circle Fort as well just in case you are in the Taguig area.

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