Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hakata Ippudo

For our last night in Hong Kong, we ate in Hakata Ippudo.  I saw the name from a local blog I read before and had good reviews so I thought it should be worth a try.

Ippudo opened in 1985 with a 10 person seating capacity.  Its owner, Shigemi Kawahara earned the title of the "Ramen King" after winning 3 consecutive times in a Japanese TV show where ramen experts had to cook ramen.

Ippudo history

Wall of soup spoons

Is this sanitary?

This is what we ordered:

Gyoza, 5 pieces but I was so hungry I ate 1 before I took the picture

Shoyu Tonkotsu $55 HKD

Miso Tonkotsu $58 HKD

Verdict? Love it!  Karl declared it to be our best meal.  Good job for the wifey, pat on the back for reading so many blogs and finding places to eat in.  Hehe...

If you're not going to Hong Kong, don't despair! Here are a few other places you can find this: Japan(duh!), Seoul, Singapore and New York!  Check out their website.

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  1. Since you're visiting NYC next year, eat there too. It's lovely and the bartender is a Pinoy! HAHA! Got free beer while waiting, to boot!!! It left me *burping* with a smile on my face. Indeed a two thumbs up meal! x