Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm a Barbie Girl

Yes, another one of those pictures for Mia's future AVP for her wedding

Not alot of people know that I still have boxed Barbies in my house- around 20 something pieces.  Most kept in a baul so it won't fade (Yes, I'm O.C. like that).  I didn't feel the need to open all the Barbies I got for my birthdays and Christmases.  I saved those collector pieces and even "splurged" on  $100 priced Barbies every time I went out of the country as a memento for that particular trip.  I made sure all of them travelled safely, most of the time, hand carried!  I don't even know how my mother tolerated this.  The last time I bought one was in 1999.  Yes, my youngest is more than 10 years old!

Mia is unlucky to inherit all of them.  I doubt I'll ever allow her to open any.  We buy her cheap Barbies she can butcher, dirty, experiment on.  Do what she must on those just not on my pristine ones.  Haha.

Quick to jump off her stroller

Imagine our surprise when we saw that Times Square in Hong Kong had a Barbie display.  They had one outside the mall and inside the mall.

Outside, they had little houses that you can go into.  Although the weather in Hong Kong was cool, in that particular area because of the volume of people, it was kind of jabar hot.

Her idea! She's learning how to pose

What is Barbie without some sparkle?

We love you too! Xoxo, Mama and Mia

Barbie house with some disco feel
Inside the mall, they set up this Barbie mansion.  Can you say bongga with me?  There were different Barbies dressed by Chinese haute couture designer Guo Pei.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures of those dolls.  Each doll had 1 case each.  Here are my shots from inside Times Square.

View from the top

A Barbie chandelier! The little girl in me shrieked!

Mia was so proud her Barbie cabinets were there

Yes, models make do with any medium. Like this, a hole

Of course the real fan had to take a picture!
The Barbie display will be running this display from November 17 until January 1, 2012.  Hope all you Barbie aficionados get to see it. 

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