Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hello Lion!

Well, it's more of a Goodbye!  We took this shot before we left Baguio because we were rushing to get there when we arrived.  We were so lucky we got to take this solo shot.  I kinda went stage mothery and got pissed with the other people hogging the lion.  Make up your minds people!  If you want to take a picture, take the picture and leave.  Don't do it one at a time and finally decide you want a group shot.  We all want solo pictures with this lion! Okay, end of rant.

More about Baguio in my next entries.


  1. Hi Candice! I discovered your blog while looking for the number of Jozu kin! I kept thinking the guy in the photo looked familiar and then I checked the other posts and saw Mia :) Mika had a great time with Mia and Caleb at squares and Kay's new house :) she wants to invite Mia and Caleb to Disneyland. Gimmick! Happy new year! - kris

  2. Hi Kris! Thanks for dropping by. I've dropped by your blog too and joined your contest before. Hihihih. Wow. Social gimmick naman gusto ni Mika :) See you guys soon! Happy new year.