Thursday, December 1, 2011

Picture of the Trip

If a picture can sum up our trip to Hong Kong, it would be this:

A face only a mother could love.

Yes (as you can see with Karl's outfit), it's not cold but Mia insisted on wearing her earmuffs a.k.a. earphones ala Justin Bieber.  Mia mostly sat on her stroller.  Maclaren is highly recommended- very light and easy to collapse and put up. 

Karl and I survived!  It was actually our first international trip with totally noone else to help in taking care of Mia.  There are alot of people who don't like travelling with kids under 5.  Here are a few reasons why I believe travelling with kids is fun:
  1. You go back to basics.  You know like the caveman days when the men hunt and the women stay home to take care of the kids.  You don't actually stay in the cave but you take care of your kid.  Haha, fine, I didn't have to go back to caveman days, but way back when.
  2. You can lose weight.  Whenever we travel, I usually end up splitting my food with Mia since she's too small to order her own food.  Take advantage!
  3. Your husband gets the exercise he deserves.  So Karl barely exercises here in Manila.  In Hong Kong, he had to push Mia's stroller all the time.  We walked alot too.  Hello Cardio!
  4. Kids are free!  Fine, she wasn't free in Disneyland BUT she was free in the airport express and the MTR rides.  That's alot of savings right there.
  5. You get priority in going in the airplane.  Gotta love the stroller.
We just had a glitch in the potty department one time but if you religiously make them go every so often, you'll get by.

I'm sure there are alot more reasons, please feel free to tell me yours.

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  1. It seems I'm so tyaga to post comments on your blog ha! Pero funny my inaanak. (typing inaanak sounds more interesting than godchild!) I'm not sure pero parang nagmana ata sa akin--Maarte! Family members can attest I WAS a heavy packer since birth! lol!!! Good job on traveling without extra help!! Kwento soon. Miss you all.