Saturday, May 19, 2012

Full Circle

My first recital, same studio. Ignore my cousin with the kissy face.

The thing about having a kid relatively early, is that everything happens earlier.  Tomorrow, I'm accompanying Mia to her ballet recital pictorial. 

I can't believe it's with the same studio I went to when I was her age.  The place looks the same, the people are still the same (maybe a little bit more wrinkly).

Mia isn't exactly the star.  She's the background girl with her own background dance.  I'm fine with that now.  I'm just happy she's still in the class.  After one and a half months of classes, it all ends with this (and a recital to boot!).  I can't go in the pictorial to teach how to smile.  No parents or guardians allowed, but yes, the stage mother in me made her practice today.

Thank you Grandma for waiting for her on weekdays when I can't make it and on weekends when I have doctor's appointments.

I can't wait for the pictures and I can't wait for her performance.


  1. i remember those days... mrs bichara still teaches?? -meme

  2. The last time I checked the studio is named after her but different teacher. And no more live pianist, recorded nalang.