Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make Your Own Havaianas

It was the first time Mia and I went to the "Make Your Own Havaianas" Event.  I heard about it from Mia's playmate, Sofia who had really cute slippers with her whole name on it!  I'm a sucker for customized.  Not so sucker enough to pay for them before this year though.  I knew it would be $$$ to get them.

Since my mom had points to spare in her Citibank credit card, I schemed decided we should do it.  I was suprised that there wasn't any line, but between us who went, we had 2 kids, 2 seniors and a pregnant lady.  What a recipe for instant access!

behind, her birth year

I was surprised that they didn't have kids sizes.  Since I made "build up" this event already for Mia, I felt bad that she wouldn't experience making her own slippers, so we still got ones in the smallest size.  Smallest size meaning, she'd probably get to wear it when she's 7!

with our loot!

We got matching slippers with pink soles and purple straps.  We had hearts on the left, and our initials, CC and MC on the right.  Cuteness.  With the discount and pay with points, we ended up just having to shell out P400++ on each pair.  Good deal!

This won't definitely be our last time.

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