Monday, May 7, 2012

My Pregnancy Skincare Regimen

Stretchmarks are the enemy!

Now that I've gotten that off my back...

During my pregnancy with Mia, I religiously used Palmer's Cocoa Butter.  I really don't know where I heard about this but I used it every day (or at least when I remembered which was MOST OF THE TIME) because I did not want to have stretchmarks. 

I thought I was going to escape it, but lo and behold.  I still remember the day I found out I had stretchmarks.  I was getting my last ultrasound because Mia was getting too comfortable in my tummy, she refused to go out.  The person who gave me the ultrasound said, "Ma'am, 'yan lang ayaw ko sa pagbubuntis.  Stretchmarks."  My heart sank.  It was the end of the world.  I kid you not.  I rushed to the mirror after my ultrasound and there they were saying hello to me.  Not totally hideous but just present enough to say hello.

This time around, I'm trying another product.  I'm using Vaseline Cocoa Glow ( I can't find a picture online.  This is the US variant).  The thing about Palmer's is that I used to smell like Yakult.  Seriously, who wants to smell like Yakult?  And since obviously it was an epic fail, I am not crazy enough to use it again.  Hopefully this time around, with more persistence, and less alzheimer's, I will make it with no additional stretchmarks.  I will also exercise (the healthy pregnant way) more this time around.

This is the goal.  Yes, I am hiding my stretchmarks with Mia's leg but let's ignore that, shall we?

I will keep you posted on this experiment.

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