Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wellness Wednesdays: Crossfit Manila

The exercise that almost killed me.

I pride myself in being physically fit. I can’t run for the life of me (I get BORED) but I believe I have endurance to do sports and all that jazz. Since I’ve been doing Bikram yoga, I have always thought I was kinda invincible.

My officemates and I noticed a flyer near our bathroom about this new exercise craze- Crossfit. When I saw the magic words, FREE TRIAL, I immediately signed up and I told my officemates to join as well. Freebies rule the world!

Crossfit Manila’s program is a combination of high intensity and constantly varied exercises. Exercises range from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, track and field, kettlebell training and other sports. It’s for people on the go since a session only lasts 30 minutes.

When we got there, I was quite disappointed to find out that the trial was only 15 minutes. Anyways, since it was free, I kept that little thought bubble in my head. Our trainer showed us what we were going to do- 7 reps of weighted ball throwing up in the air, 7 reps of chin ups, 7 reps of jumping up and down a box (with both feet), and 7 reps of burpees (pushup, crouch and jump up in the air). Our trainer asked us if we wanted hardcore or puppy training. I wanted to get my money’s worth, I said hardcore. That was after doing the warm up burpees.

I kept on looking at the timer after my first set. I couldn’t believe only 3 minutes had passed by. I think I did around 3 or 4 rounds. It was all a blur.

I don't even know where I was at this point

When the buzzer rang, I was in a daze. I felt like puking. They should write a disclaimer to have an empty stomach before doing it. On second thought, all exercises should be done with a not so full tummy.

If you want to lose weight fast, you have got to try this. I bet my birthing hips that you will lose weight even if you just take it a little seriously.

For more inquiries, you can check out their website or contact Miggy +63917-5331787.   Their website is pretty witty too.

P.S. All of us newbies felt some discomfort the next day but unanimously we felt it more on Friday- 2 days after.  All our bodies had delayed reaction.  Be warned.

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  1. My friend joined this team challenge with her Crossfit gym in Chicago last summer. She won 2nd runner up for most improved sa ladies. They take pictures of you na before and after...grabe visible talaga yung results. Pero may kasabay na Paleo diet (you only eat Stone Age foods - no joke).

    Sa parang graduation ibibigay daw sa iyo yung weights na katumbas ng nalose mo, para may sense of accomplishment.

    Grabe no? Sabi ko kay Abby, pwede sana ito gawing racket sa Manila kaya lang hindi tayo credible as the hardcore crossfit gurus. Plus, I guess it's too late now. Hahaha