Thursday, July 28, 2011

Of birthday invitations

Mia's 1st birthday invites

I have always believed that invitations give you expectations of an event. Great invitations=great party. Half assed invitations=Don't expect too much. I forced requested my friend's boyfriend to make Mia's invitations. Trivia: He also did our wedding invitations layout. Hihihi. He's very nice! Thank you Toby! Anyways, since Lilo and Stitch was the theme for the party. The invitation was a no brainer, Lilo and Stitch. I copied the line on the side from a US invitation I saw online. I thought it was a really cute line to put not that anyone really RSVPs in this country!

For Mia's 2nd birthday I decided to mass text everyone to my mother's dismay. She decided to buy half assed invitations (those that I vowed never to use) in Barney theme. That's my mom being a mom. "Noone gets invited just through text". She didn't realize after a year or so, people start getting invited through Facebook! So no, I don't have a picture of that.

I give this an A+

For Mia's 3rd birthday party in school, I decided to make the most of the skills my high school taught me. We had a lot of "portfolio entries" in school. Part of the grade included presentation. I'm a little bit rusty, but I bought some cheap invitations from National Bookstore. I put some Disney princess stickers in front to let everyone know it's a Disney themed party. I used pentel pens with some kiddie caligraphy. Voila! Note: The pens I used to make this lasted me from high school. It took less than a few months for my daughter and nephew to lose all of them. I blame the maids.

When in doubt, do the polka dots !

This year we're still back with the Disney theme. I should've thought of another theme but Mia's still not over princesses. I'm not complaining at least it's not so hard to think for the preparations.

I can almost taste freedom! And then when I taste it, Christmas naman! Ahluvet.

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