Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Queen of all Beckies

For Mr. and Mrs. "KOTAOCO"

I was lucky enough to get a chance to watch Kylie Minogue's concert "Aphrodite" in Manila. Karl and I don't really know much of her songs. I probably know 6-7 songs at most and it's not even memorized, songhits style, play it by ear kind of singing along with the lyrics. I'm so glad we didn't miss the show. I tried to research her age. Myged. 43. No cellulite (I know because I checked her butt out. Karl, no you are not allowed to check her out!). Life's.not.fair.

I tried to take a picture of the crowd. Fail, obviously.

I was skeptical on how she would fill out the theatre. Amazing! It was packed... And not with just beckies!

The Production was Uh-mazing!
So I left out the part where we obviously got our tickets somewhere. Thank you! We did not get the memo we were going to be with the Ponds endorsers. We were beside Angelica (and Derek) and Tweetie de Leon. Mental note to dress up more. I always think noone will see me wherever I go. Invisible? Asa.
The whole group with Angelica and Derek!
Kylie actually gave a prize to the Best in Costume/Outfit in the audience. Vice Ganda won it. I would have taken pictures with all the artistas (kung hindi lang ako ikahiya ni Karl)- Phil and Angel, Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, even Divine Lee, patulan ko na rin. Most of them passed where we sat, but I had this feeling that they weren't really in the mood to take pictures with strangers.

Yes, she sparkles!
I didn't sing to most of the songs. I just kind of danced. She even sang Locomotion and Especially for you. Everyone loved it!
Finale. Wheeee! Sucker for confetti.
 It was Kylie's first time here and she was wondering why she never toured here. Oo nga naman!

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