Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Venga Bus

Last night my cousins and I decided to go on a jeepney tour. This was supposed to be a get together before my cousin gets married tomorrow. But since the groom to be couldn't make it, we made it in honor of him(Naks! Good excuse.).

Our Pimpin' Ride

Jeepney Tours offers different sightseeing options for tourists and locals like us. We just wanted to optimize the use of the karaoke duet wireless videoke system in the jeep. The seating capacity is 20 people, but if you're not portable like most of my family, 15 would be a safe number. We were only 18 and the heat was on even though the air conditioning was on full blast.

Mr. Driver, Assistant (not in picture) and the Karaoke! Check!
Drinks in plastic cups! Check!
Good crazy company! Check!
My brother wanted to stop by Cash & Carry to buy a shirt since he was sweating but since the store was close, we were lucky to find this random tattoo store that sold shirts.  I think the guy hit his quota for the night.  6 shirts from us!

Gusto kong bumaet pero di ko magawa

We decided to dropby Luneta Park as our main destination. I haven't been there since 1st grade! I don't know if it was just because it was dark but I thought it was pretty well maintained. They even had a fountain and laser show synchronized to music.

Boys. Hindi obvious but Karl's not there...
The official shirt for the night

L is for Luneta

Class picture with Rizal

On the way back we stopped by Hooters, McDonald's and Jollibee to get some munchies since we all got tired from singing mostly 90's songs. Special mention to the crazy people who wore 90's outfits because we mentioned it in the email thread which they took seriously.

Huling hirit!

If you just use the jeepney with no tours, it wil cost you P6,000 for 3 hours (minimum use), P1,000 for every additional hour. We extended for an hour. It was definitely a night to remember and something to try at least once in your life. For more information, you can check out their website or contact Liza at +63906-506-6860.

P.S. Jeepney Tours clients are mostly expats from Forbes and Dasma according to Liza's text message to me. Lumelevel up na kami! Ahluvet!


  1. Hi..where did u bought the Gusto Kong Bumaet shirts? Name of the store/location/phone number? Appreciate your response. Thanks.

  2. Hi! We got it from a store near Cash and Carry Makati? It was a tshirt and tattoo store. I just forgot the name of the store. Sorry!