Wednesday, July 20, 2011

REPOST: Transmorphers: More than meets the eye 07.01.07

Just thought it was fitting to reblog since Transformers 3 just came out recently. This was originally blogged in July 1, 2007 when the first Transformers was released.

For our monthsary weekend, Karl and I decided to stay at home to babysit my mom.  My mom was alone, all the men in the house were gone.  Dad and Brother No.2 went to a victory party in the province. Brother No.1 went to Singapore.  We ate some Peking Duck (2 way! Yum! MSG!), just because I was craving for some (Every month we alternate sponsoring our monthsary which basically means, you get to boss around where to eat, provided that you pay for it).

Afterwards, we decided to watch Transformers version Metrowalk (aka pirated).  For the first 5 seconds, we both thought it was just a typo on the cover, Transmorphers.  Since the font of the title and the picture of the robot seemed like a Transformer of some sort, we kept on watching it.  We were even surprised we got lucky with a clear copy!  After a minute, I realized my boyfriend bought a B movie which was really Transmorphers.

So Karl still kept on insisting it was Transformers (which I don't get why he never knew the difference, because 1. Lalaki siya and dapat alam talaga niya 2. Reason no.1 should have been enough).  We ended up watching the Break Up, which was kinda morbid considering we were celebrating something.

Anyways, today, Karl, my mom and I picked up all the boys from the airport.  Karl, the dakilang boyfriend was volunteering his car even though my dad said that he could drive the Expedition na.  I kindly pointed out that if he used his Civic, he'd be stuck with all of them without me in the car.  Baka kainin siya ng buhay.  Brownie points for me for having foresight.

Happy monthsary :) Heart heart heart.

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  1. Reposting from the past FTW. I got victimized na rin before pero vcd era pa.