Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Of giveaways

I’m a sucker for birthday giveaways. I love it when Mia gets one after every birthday party she attends, but it’s such a problem when we get home. Our house is not big. Too many parties= Too many giveaways= Too much clutter at home!

For Mia’s first birthday party, I decided to have a cute bag made to carry all the loot the kids will get. Since I was expecting a lot of guests, my canvas bag became smaller and smaller until I was able to round up all the kids that were going to show up in the party. Without further ado... 

Rock is dead!
Alot of giveaways (I don't know why this is the only proof I have)
I ripped off the design from David & Goliath (Sorry! Don’t sue me, it wasn’t for commercial purposes!). I was taken aback by how much silk screening cost since they based it on the number of colors. I think it was a nice touch to put Mia since 2007 in the back. The mommy is such a smartypoopoo head.

Her 2nd and 3rd birthdays were a blur. On her 2nd birthday party, I just reused the extra bags I had since I overproduced for the previous year. Last year, we only had a party in school since our family celebrated her birthday in Singapore last year (Lucky duck! I mean frog!).

Universal Studios Singapore
This year, I decided to make the giveaways customized. I requested Mia’s teacher in school to take a class picture so I know how the kids look like. Most of Mia’s classmates were her classmates the year before so I knew how they looked like but I just wanted to make sure they had the same hairstyles (especially the girls since there isn’t much you can do about boys’ dos unless you give them a Mohawk or you shave off all their hair). I am giving them personalized magnets! If you read it, it sounds so lame. Say it with me, MAGNETSSSSS!

Some of the magnets
Hopefully the kids will appreciate them. I requested Sun Baked Studio to make Karl and I one as well so we can use them in our refrigerator and the Mia magnet won’t be by her lonesome.

Sunbaked Studio offers a variety of short workshops suited for artists and food enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience. Learn polymer clay, jewelry making, baking, and more in short, project-based classes that last anywhere from one to four hours. Located at G/F Jovita Building, 4 Tirad Pass corner Banawe Streets, Quezon City.  Contact details: (02) 399-8289 or 

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  1. LOL! Sumbong kita sa David & Goliath! I love their shirts I have 25+ shirts from that store. Unfortunately, none of them fit me anymore. LOL.

    Oh, I used to make accessories from polymer clay too. I got classes and my materials from Cubao Expo. :)