Monday, July 18, 2011


Warning: This is a semi-negatron post. If you don't want nega, skip this.

There are a few things I'm passionate about. One is yoga(duh) and another I feel strongly about is joining contests, raffles, getting freebies, you catch my drift. When I find easy contests to join, I even text my close friends who are also interested in joining. When I'm generous, I even tell them the answers.

I really got annoyed today because an officemate of mine showed me raffle entries he got. Basically the premise of the raffle is that you're supposed to collect receipts totalling to P2,000 and you get 2 raffle entries. He told me he only showed 1 receipt worth P100 and he got a pad of raffle. I'm estimating 30-50 tickets. The ticketer told him that she was disposing the tickets since the raffle was nearing already. I was really curious what on earth the ticket distributor was thinking. The raffle period was from July 1- July 31, August 1-31 and September 1-30.  I knew the tickets were for the quarter so I don't know what she meant by "the promo is ending".  I seriously had a flashback of all the days I nagged everyone to give me their receipts. I think they hate me by now (I just want them to equate my face to receipts). PG as you may think, I look at empty tables in the area if some have left their receipts so I can claim. Basta it's A for Afort. I go the extra mile. Slightly embarrassing but I don't like doing things half baked.

So imagine my dismay when that woman just gave it just like that. If she gave it to my officemate, she could have given it to anyone else. Here goes our conversation:

Candice: Miss, ano ba mechanics ng promo? (I knew the answer. I just wanted to catch her!)
Crazy woman: 2 tickets for every P2,000. Combined receipt will do.
Candice: So bakit yung officemate ko, nakakuha he only showed 1 receipt worth P100.
Crazy woman: Ah hindi he combined the receipts just like you. (Yes, familiar na nga ako. Sige na.)
Candice: No. He told me he only showed one.
Crazy woman: Ah. Sorry. Hehe. (She shushed me ala Victoria Court logo). Gusto mo rin?
Candice: Ayoko. Mali 'yan.

And then I walked away. Tapos natisod ako.

JOKE! Joke, on the natisod part.

I mean, the thrill of raffles is your sheer luck. You only need 1 raffle entry to win and you earn it. Maybe you earn it by spending. Or you earn if by other people spending. But you don't get it on a silver platter.

Kung ito rin lang dinadaya? Ano pa ang hindi? Where's the integrity?! I demand a redraw! On all the contests!

Did I take it seriously? Maybe I did. Was I over the top? Maybe. I hope she didn't get to sleep tonight thinking about her job.


  1. why don't you tell the story to the management so they can do something about it? effort nga lang.

  2. Yes, i'm thisclose to filing a formal complaint.

    Haha. Am i the only one making this a big deal?! Don't answer that!:P

    How are you? Cling!

  3. Haha. I can still remember the look on your face when you heard about it.

    Mas maswerte pa rin ang pinaghirapan. Luck is the by-product of busting your fanny. O diba tinagalog ko lang yung saying :)